My Cigar Story ~ submitted by “Customer James”

We received this in an email from a recent customer.

My Cigar story

What makes a great lounge is not so much the selection of cigars but its owners, its members and the spirit of the shop..

On my recent visit to Iowa, I flew into Des Moines with 4 hours to kill waiting on my son to meet me and head to Ottumwa to start his new job… I googled cigar lounges and Club Herf came up. I took an Uber ride to the lounge only to find out they were out of business… Standing in the rain with no ride in a strange place a gentleman pull up in a pick up he walked up I ask him about the lounge, informing me it was close I told him I took an Uber from the airport… Without any hesitation he told me a “stranger” to hop into his truck and he would take me to his lounge… Bill S. drove me to Iowa Cigar Company… He took me inside and introduced me to the owner. He then went into his locker and open a new box of cigars and gave me my first Wiseman. And what a great cigar it was… Bill had to leave but I was left in good hands… The owner sat down and chatted with me with such a personal touch. The gentlemen in the lounge were hospitable and cordial… offering me a drink and good conversation… Everyone that came in the lounge introduced themselves to me… they were so friendly!.. To my surprise Foundation Cigars Executive Brand Manager Rick Ardito made an appearance… what as awesome guy. He shared detail information about their cigar brand which happened to be one of the Wiseman I just smoked!… what a coincidence… needless to stay I brought a few of the sticks to take with me… I sat in lounge for 41/2 hours until my son arrived enjoying the atmosphere… I travel a great deal and visit a lot of lounges but Iowa Cigar Company is by far one the best lounges I have experienced… You guys need to be featured in the next Aficionado Magazine…

From a cigar lover from Virginia thank you again… thanks to Bill S… the Owners… and my new cigar buddies at the lounge!… Blessings to all.


Ps… oh yeah that have an incredible stock of cigars!… stop in and tell them I sent you