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Iowa’s smoking ban prevents you from smoking in public or in almost any business establishment. With that, Iowa Cigar Co. prides itself on creating a great atmosphere in our smoking lounge for you to enjoy a cigar. Cigar enthusiasts are invited to look through the largest selection of premium cigars in Iowa and choose a cigar to enjoy in our lounge.

Maybe you don’t like to smoke at home, or maybe your spouse won’t let you… Iowa Cigar Co. is the perfect getaway to enjoy that cigar while watching the game or catching up with friends.

In addition to the largest premium cigar selection in Iowa, Iowa Cigar Co. also provides cigar accessories ranging from cigar cutter and lighter to ashtrays and an array of sizes of humidors. We also offer in-store humidified lockers. With the rental of a locker, you are granted 24-hour lounge access.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us or stop in and see us.