We had a great time (and tiring time) at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Convention in Las Vegas this week. We met with countless vendors, ordered lots of new cigars and accessories for the store, and came back invigorated about the premium cigar industry and what we can do at Iowa Cigar Co. Stay tuned for updates on new product as it arrives. In the meantime, here are some fun pics from the convention.

Liga Privada 10

Liga Privada H99

Perdomo Drums

Arturo Fuente Toast Across America 2018

Smoking Jacket

The Mailman Karl Malone

1502’s Enrique Sanchez Icaza

Tatuaje’s Pete Johnson and Crowned Head’s Jon Huber wanted their picture with Chad.

The new Cohiba Spectre. $900 for a box of 10.

New art for the store, compliments of Caldwell Cigars. Chad carried this 36″x48″ piece of art around the convention for 2 hours before ordering an Uber XL to get it back to the hotel.